Terms of use

Stand: 13.04.2018

The security of your personal data and the protection of your privacy is our top priority. We only use and store your data within the applicable data protection law and solely for the purposes for which you have made them available to us. Please refer to our privacy policy.

Power of attorney / directives to the proxy appointed by the company
Proxies appointed by the Company exercise voting rights for you solely bound by instructions. Proxies appointed by the Company will not implement any instructions beyond these.

Authorization of a credit institution, a shareholder association or other persons or institutions covered by section 135 AktG
We would like to point out that in the case of the authorization of a credit institution, a shareholder association or other persons or institutions covered by section 135 AktG, these may need the authority in a particular form pursuant to section 135 AktG as they are required to keep the power of attorney verifiable. Therefore we recommend you to consult the authorized representative.

Use of the internet-based postal voting power of attorney and instruction system
The measures we have taken to ensure the functionality of our shareholder portal comply with the highest standards. However, we can not completely exclude disturbances. In particular, we have no influence on the availability of the telecommunication networks as well as the reliability of the internet providers who have been used. In addition, we reserve the right to temporarily interrupt or permanently discontinue our shareholder portal for reasons which are not to be influenced by us.

SGL Carbon SE does not assume any warranty or liability whatsoever for the functionality, availability, stability and reliability of the internet-based postal voting, power of attorney and instruction system as well as for access to the system, including internet services and third-party network elements. Furthermore, SGL Carbon SE assumes no responsibility for errors and deficiencies of the hardware and software used for the electronic voting of rights on the Internet, including those of the service providers, insofar as no intent or gross negligence exists.We therefore recommend that you use our shareholder portal at a sufficiently early stage to ensure that, in the event of possible disruptions, you can exercise your voting rights by postal vote, issue a proxy with instructions or authorize a proxy in a different way.

Finally, we ask you to protect your ticket number and your PIN from unauthorized use by third parties. If you suspect that your personal data has been used unauthorized by others, please call the provided support for this voting, power of attorney and instruction system at +49 89 889 690 620, available Monday to Friday (except on public holidays) from 9 am to 5 pm. Once the block becomes effective, our shareholder portal may no longer be used with your previous PIN .