Terms of use

The security of your personal data and the protection of your privacy are our top priority. We only use and store your data under the applicable data protection law, and solely for the purpose for which you have made them available to us. Please see our data protection declaration.

The measures taken by us to ensure the functionality of our Shareholder Portal meet the highest standards. Nevertheless we cannot completely rule out disruptions. In particular, we have no influence on the availability of telecommunications networks or the reliability of the Internet provider used. We also reserve the right, especially in cases where data security is endangered for reasons beyond our control, to interrupt our Shareholder Portal temporarily without prior announcement, or to discontinue it permanently.

For these reasons we cannot be held liable for damage arising as a result of disruptions to our Shareholder Portal or defects in the hardware or software used by us or our service providers; this does not apply to damage caused intentionally or as a result of gross negligence, loss of life, bodily injury or damage to health, or so-called “major obligations”, i.e. essential contractual obligations.

Should you have several shareholder numbers, you must register all shareholder numbers separately in order to be able to exercise the shareholder rights under all the shares. For the Annual General Meeting, the number of shares registered at the registration stop on May 9, 2018, 00:00 hours, is applicable.

For processing purposes, it is assumed that the person(s) singing is/are authorized to issue binding declarations.

If you grant a proxy authorization without instructions to a person you trust, please make sure whether and on what conditions the proxy is prepared to represent you. Please bear in mind that if you have granted such authorization, K+S Aktiengesellschaft can have no influence over whether your voting rights are actually exercised at the Annual General Meeting. If you authorize more than one person or one representative, K+S Aktiengesellschaft may reject one or more of these.

As a postal voter, you cannot exercise your participation rights, such as putting forward motions or asking questions or making declarations, apart from voting rights.

Company proxies can only exercise your voting rights if they are bound by instructions. The Company proxies will not perform any instructions beyond that. If you would like to exercise your shareholder rights beyond the framework described, you must take part in the Annual General Meeting yourself or authorize a third party to do so.

If you cast a postal vote or vote by means of a proxy authorization with instructions, you cannot vote on more far-reaching motions such as countermotions regarding content or procedural motions. You can join a countermotion exclusively aimed at rejecting a particular management proposal by means of a voting indication against the management proposal. You can see motions or nominations to be made available by Shareholder (countermotions) online at: www.k-plus-s.com/en/hv.

If postal votes and a proxy authorization/instructions are received, the proxy authorization/instructions will always be regarded as having priority. If voting indications differing from one another are received, they will be taken into account in the order in which they are delivered to the Company. An exception is a proxy authorization/instructions or postal votes made via the K+S Shareholder Portal. Such a declaration does indeed replace earlier declarations submitted to the Company by other means of communication, but can only be changed using the K+S Shareholder Portal and revoked there or by attending the Annual General Meeting in person and issuing a declaration in text form there.

Finally, we would ask you to protect your shareholder number and password against unauthorized use by third parties. If you suspect abuse, you can block your access via our hotline: +49 89 8896 90650, available Monday through Friday, from 8:00 hours to 18:00 hours. After being blocked, our Shareholder Portal can no longer be used with the existing password.

Specific instructions for sending the invitation to the Annual General Meeting of K+S Aktiengesellschaft by e-mail

We require your explicit consent to send you the invitation to the Annual General Meeting by e-mail. This is not limited in time and will also apply if you sell your shares in the meantime and then become a shareholder of our Company again at a later date. You can withdraw your consent at any time. You will then have the invitation to the Annual General Meeting sent to you again by post; however, if you withdraw your consent after the invitation to the Annual General Meeting has already been e-mailed to you, we can only consider a withdrawal for the Annual General Meeting after that one, for technical reasons.

To send the invitation to the Annual General Meeting by e-mail, we require an e-mail address from you in addition to your consent. Every shareholder is responsible for ensuring that the e-mail address given is functional and that e-mails received will also be read. If we receive a reply that the invitation sent to the Annual General Meeting is undeliverable, we will send you the invitation to the Annual General Meeting again by post.

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